The value of PR Business Service stems from the quality and professionalism of its staff. We have the best specialists in the field of physical activity and sport, qualities that enable us to create, manage and execute programs specific to the needs of the client.

Years of experience in the sector guarantee our professionalism and excellence of our work, consolidating personnel Running as a leader in delivering sports and healthy.

Through PR Business Service we try to cover sports and healthy needs of all companies, societies, clubs, associations, etc. fostering Fellowship and interaction between workers using dynamic tasks that not only are focused to achieve that objective physical and recreation, but also social. This is why PR Business Service has expanded its catalog of services adapted to the needs of demand, defined as a company agile and versatile customer service. Our projects cover all areas of sport and physical activity:

Running Club

Get the most out of running preparing it and enjoying it on computer is possible in PR. Contents varied under planning at various levels and to certain objectives, both online as if and in person supervised by one or several coaches.


Any of our sports can be prepared collectively, programmed and planned both to level how face to face online, always adjusted to specific goals and the characteristics of the group seeking fun and interaction of its members at all times.

Punctual/yimkanas events

It has PR to design, organize and direct any type of group sports or small activity to promote and foster interpersonal interaction, integration and the fun between different members of a group.

Technical advice for organizing events

Based on our personal and professional experience in the sector, we can offer a full technical advice at level of elaboration of projects, proposals of action plan, development, ideas, etc,… all designed to achieve the main objective to be sought in each case and to facilitate any further organisational action.


Video project Jaguar RTM

Master Class

We can design, organize and direct any sport specific activity on a large scale, or do understand as "master class", adapting the modality or modalities that are based in each case the objectives that they seek and the personal characteristics of the group, facilities, equipment, etc,…


Running Day MasterClass

Swimming Day MasterClass

Lectures/case studies

Any content related to sport and physical activity can be developed and taught theoretical or practical way by our team of trainers, based on our technical training as graduates in sports and in our sport and professional experience.